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  • You’re Overthinking: The Spotlight Effect

    You’re Overthinking: The Spotlight Effect

    By: Hosea Chen   The teacher asks for a volunteer to sing their favorite song in front of the class. Would you do it? What if I told you that you’d feel more inclined to hit those high notes in front of your peers by the end of this article? Well, let me introduce you…

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  • Are you stressed out? Try reminiscing about happy times!

    by Sharon Binoy Stress is not a rare occurrence on a college campus, but it has the potential to affect the mental and physical health of even the most resilient among us. Whether it’s an upcoming deadline or a bad encounter, periodic stressors can haunt us all.  Three out of four college students are stressed,…

  • Flight or Flight or… Freeze?

    Flight or Flight or… Freeze?

    by Devina Sen Are we victims of circumstance? How much can we endure? Must we endure? When we are faced with a problem and work to solve it, there comes a point where we must question whether it’s worth it to keep going. We make a choice, to keep putting in effort or to give…