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  • Can we make a glitch in the human genome?

    Can we make a glitch in the human genome?

    by Natasha Raut   Our ability to control DNA, the very foundation of the biological world, remains astonishing, even among the plethora of advances made by humankind. In today’s laboratories, scientists are using microscopic bacteria to restitch the sequence of genes in organisms, and are seeing a  possibility of designing genetically desirable human babies, or…

  • Genome editing just got a lot easier

    This post is cross-posted with the PLOS Student Blog If you’ve recently taken a glimpse at the front page of any major science news outlet, it is likely you are no stranger to an emerging genome editing technology known as CRISPR/Cas9. With the help of RNA, Cas9 (a bacterial enzyme) can be programmed to target specific…