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Editor’s Picks

After a hiatus of nearly a year, Berkeley Scientific Journal is proud to announce that our blog is back! Our aim is to provide a platform for young scientists to discuss issues they are passionate about, and share their thoughts with the public. “Editor’s Picks” is a new series of posts that will regularly feature great science journalism from all around the web.

An opinion piece, “If you want people to get vaccines – then listen” written by David Litt in Berkeley Science Review discusses the trending bias against vaccination, and why that may be the case. Litt explores some of the reasons behind this fear, and provides some great insight on how to start a dialogue about vaccination.

Art meets science in this stunning series of images from Colin Salter’s book “Science is Beautiful: The Human Body Under the Microscope” which provide a great way to visualize some of the more abstract scientific concepts we hear about.

In honor of yesterday, the Pi Day of the century, Manil Suri’s “Don’t Expect Math to Make Sense” tries to grasp what pi truly represents, and how it manifests itself all around us. The enigma surrounding pi begs the question, is the universe more complicated than we could ever imagine, or is it maddeningly simple?

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