Author: Linda Thamizharasan

  • Inconceivably Real, Infinitely Dear

    Inconceivably Real, Infinitely Dear

    Emotion is often regarded as an inborn ability among human beings, universal in both their expression and perception. However, a significant amount of human emotion is shaped by our social and cultural upbringing. How can it be that people from different cultures express emotion in such similar ways when humans differ widely in emotional experience?

  • Classifications of the Modern Homo sapien

    Classifications of the Modern Homo sapien

    Once you reach the harbor gates in the game Disco Elysium, you will encounter a man called Measurehead. At this point in the story, your character has traipsed through the war-torn city of Revachol, come to terms with his alcohol-fueled amnesia, and observed the dead body he was apparently sent to investigate. Measurehead is simply…